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OK guys. So you may be thinking, why would a motorcycle gear retailer sell men’s underwear? Especially with a funny name like SAXX. Well, there’s nothing funny about squirming around in the saddle on those hot, summer rides because your family jewels are all twisted up in those sweaty, tighty whiteys. We’ve all been there, and it makes for a most unpleasant ride. This is where SAXX Men’s Underwear comes in and now you can ride much more comfortably. Try a pair and find out how much better your boys can be. Key features:

Ergonomic Comfort Pouch:
Saxx's Ergonomic Comfort Pouch improves men’s comfort by preventing contact and offering non-restrictive support. 

Articulated Front Pouch:
Allows a man's package to rest naturally. Designed with no inner seam to prevent irritation.

Parallel Side Panels:
Polyester / Spandex mesh panels offer a barrier between a man’s package and inner thigh. 

Moisture Wicking Waist Band